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Multiquip Rammax Rollers

Gold Coast Hi Lift rents, sells and services Multiquip Ride-On Single Drum Rollers, including the P35K Series, P48K and P54K Series. Specifically designed for confined area compaction, these rollers offer high maneuverability and the highest traction and gradeability of any roller in their class. When productivity is top priority, these rollers belong on your job site. Download Multiquip/Rammax Roller Product Brochure.

Multiquip/Rammax  Roller P35K

Rammax P35K Single Drum Roller:

With centrifugal force of 14,100 pounds (6,396 kg), the P35K packs a big punch. The roller is 39 inches wide (100 cm) with a 35-inch (90 cm) drum width making it ideal for work in tight spaces. The roller's power source is a 32-horsepower water-cooled Kubota D1403 diesel engine. This is the lightest and most compact ride-on roller in the Multiquip line.
Multiquip/Rammax Roller P35K2BRammax P35K2B Roller:
The roller features a roomy and efficient operator's platform with easy-to-reach foot controls and a comfortable three-way adjustable seat and lockable control panel. The P35K2B generates 14,100 pounds (6,396 kg) of impact force and is driven by a 3-cylinder, 32-horsepower Kubota D1403 diesel engine. The P35K2B marks the first of several Multiquip ride-on rollers with a blade.
Multiquip/Rammax Roller P35K4BP35K4B Roller:
The 4,650-pound (2,109 kg) P35K4B roller boasts a 35-inch (90 cm.) drum width and 43-inch (110 cm) blade width. For enhanced starting power, two batteries are housed in the rear of the unit. Powered by a 3-cylinder, 32-horsepower Kubota D1403 diesel engine, the roller has the highest traction available and comes standard with a four-point lift system. The P35K4B is the first of many Multiquip ride-on rollers equipped with the convenience of a four-way blade for backfill smoothing before compacting.
Multiquip/Rammax Roller P48KRammax P48K Roller:
With a large 47-inch (120 cm) drum width, the P48K will exceed the needs of any construction professional. The roller has an extra-heavy articulation point for backfill and compaction applications, a dual hydraulic system allowing maximum power to both the drive and vibration systems and with 14,100 pounds (6,396 kg) of centrifugal force, it's the most powerful compactor in its class. For larger jobs, Multiquip's P48K ride-on trench roller will get the job done.
Multiquip/Rammax Roller P48K2BRammax P48K2B Roller:
The shell kit is easy to install and it increases the ability to handle sub-base or other pad work that requires a smooth compaction finish. The P48K4B comes standard with a four-way blade to level backfill and has 47-inch (120 cm) drum width and 56-inch (141 cm) blade width. Centrifugal force is 14,100 pounds (6,396 kg). This roller, and others in the Multiquip line, is offered with an optional smooth drum shell kit.
Multiquip/Rammax Roller P48K4BRammax P48K4B Roller:
A 3-cylinder, 33.5-horsepower Kubota D1703 diesel engine drives the roller and the unit features a 47-inch (120 cm) wide drum and a 56-inch (141 cm) wide blade. The P48K2B tops the scales at 4,620 pounds (2,100 kg) and includes drums that have oil supplied thought ports within the side plates, eliminating exposed hydraulic hoses. The P48K2B offers operators extended drum and blade widths in one complete package.
Multiquip/Rammax Roller P54KARammax P54KA Roller
The P54K has a 54-inch (138 cm) drum width for maximum compaction coverage. Centrifugal force tops out at 18,785 pounds (8,500 kg) and the roller is constructed with heavy-duty steel to withstand the elements. The P54K roller relies on a 3-cylinder, 38-horsepower Kubota D-1903 diesel engine and travels up to 2.5 mph (4 kph). The P54K Series is the widest ride-on roller in the Multiquip series.

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