Rammers, Single Direction Plates, and Reversible Plate Compactors available to rent. A broad range of and sizes of plate compactors to rent from manufacturers such as MultiQuip and Wacker Nueson. Our offering, will provide hard hitting rammers and both single direction and reversible plate compactors. Rammers deliver a high impact force (high amplitude) making them an excellent choice for cohesive and semi-cohesive soils. Frequency range is 500 to 750 blows per minute. Vibratory plates are low amplitude and high frequency, designed to compact granular soils and asphalt. . The heavier the plate, the more compaction force it generates. Frequency range is usually 2500 vpm to 6000 vpm Reversible plates have two eccentric weights that allow smooth transition for forward or reverse travel, plus increased compaction force as the result of dual weights. Due to their weight and force, reversible plates are ideal for semi-cohesive soils.

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