Genie Rental AWP-25S DC

Genie Rental AWP-25S DC

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The Genie® AWP®-25S Super Series aerial work platform can be used in a variety of rental, light-duty construction and maintenance applications. Its lightweight design makes it easy to load and transport in pickup trucks.

Loading a Genie AWP into a truck


  • Durable Mast and Platform
  • Doorway Access and Maneuverability
  • User-Friendly Controls
  • Close Access with compact X-pattern outrigger footprint
Specification Value
Max Working Height 30 ft 10 in  | 9.6 m
Capacity 350 lb | 159 kg
Machine Width Stowed
2 ft 5 in | 0.74 m
Machine Length Stowed
4 ft 3.5 in | 1.31 m
Weight 817 lb | 371 kg

AWP Super Series Product Specifications 2018