JLG Rental 450AJ

JLG Rental 450AJ

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When you're working around tricky architecture or smaller spaces where access can be limited, the 450AJ articulated lift helps you stay on track.

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  • Improved multifunction capability increases productivity
  • More durability and serviceability thanks to the new DuraTough hood design
  • Larger capacity at 550 lb
  • Ideal for general contractors, steel erectors, painters, stadium construction and more
Specification Value
Max Working Height 51 ft | 15.72 m
Max Horizontal Outreach 25 ft | 7.62 m
Capacity 550 lb | 249.48 kg
Machine Width 7 ft 9 in | 2.35 m
Machine Length 21 ft 7 in | 6.58 m
Weight 12,650 lb | 5,738 kg

450AJ Spec Sheet