KATO IHI Rental 25V-4

KATO IHI Rental 25V-4

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KATO IHI Mini Excavators, also called Compact Excavators are exceptional for work in a confined place and can out-perform larger, more expensive machines in construction work, landscaping and pipe-laying. With zero-tail-swing and quick, easy setup and mobility, the KATO IHI Mini Excavator not only out-performs other mini excavators, compact excavators and backhoes, it does so with outstanding digging force and cycle time.


  • Zero tail swing mini excavator
  • High power digging and quick responsive 4-pump system
  • Open certified ROPS with large legroom
  • Error prevention with all-lever lock
Specification Value
Operating Weight 5,955 lbs.
Max Digging Depth 8 ft
Machine Width 5 ft 1 in
Machine Length 13 ft 1 in
Power Kubota 23.6 HP Diesel

KATO IHI 25V-4 Product Specifications 2018