MultiQuip Rental DLW330X2 Portable Welder

MultiQuip Rental DLW330X2 Portable Welder

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This CC (Constant Curent) and CV (Constant Voltage) welder delivers up to 340 amps during single operation, or 200 amps to both outputs during dual operation. As a generator, this unit provides up to 10.5 kW of clean, 120/240 AC power. A digital panel display provides both amperage/voltage and troubleshooting information to the operator(s). Smart Stick, E-Mode, Arc Force are just some of the features of the DLW330X2 from Multiquip.


  • 340 amps as a welder or 10.5 kW of AC power as a generator
  • Dual operator output ability
  • Can draw simultaneous AC power while welding
  • Amazing voltage regulation @ 1.5% (+/-)
  • Smart Stick function automatically shuts the engine down during periods of no load. The operator only needs to tap the welding rod to the grounded work for the engine to restart, making restarts while in the rafters or hanging from the side of a skyscraper a breeze.
Specification Value
Operating Weight (trailer mounted) 1,532 lbs.
Welding (Single) 1 - 340 Amps
Welding (Dual) 2 - 200 Amps
AC Power Output 10.5 kW
Fuel Consumption 1.1 gph
Power Kubota 23.6 HP Diesel

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