Q: Does Gold Coast Hi-Lift service my area?

A:  Our service area is within 100 miles of one of our store locations.

Q: What are your hours of operation?

A:  Normal operating hours are 7am-5pm, Monday - Friday.


Q: Can I pick-up or drop off the equipment myself?

A:  Some types of equipment can be picked up from one of our locations.  Equipment such as dewatering pumps, portable generators, material lifts, and plate compactors.  Larger equipment such as an excavator, scissor lift, forklift, or boom lift requires a delivery and pick-up from one of our delivery vehicles.

Q: Do I need to call when I am finished with the equipment?

A:  Yes.  You are responsible to call to end the rental term.  Gold Coast will provide you with an off rent [termination] number.  Please call four (4 hours) before the desired pick up time.

Q: How long is each rental period?


One Day Rental = One (1) 8-hour shift over a 24 hour period

One Week Rental = Five (5) 8-hour shifts over a seven day period

One Month Rental = Twenty (20) 8-hour shifts over a 28 day period

Q: Is fuel included in the rental price?

A:  No, the equipment is delivered with a full tank.  If the machine is returned with an empty tank, then you will be charged for fuel at price per gallon.

Q: Am I responsible for the rental equipment?

A:  Yes, while the equipment is your possession, you are responsible for the equipment including theft.

Q: Am I responsible for the damage to the equipment?

A:  Yes.  For complete details on our rental policies, please refer to the Terms & Conditions outlined in our Rental Agreement.

Q: Do I have to purchase the LDW?

A:  Yes, unless you provide equipment insurance coverage listing Gold Coast Hi-Lift as the recipient for the damage or theft claim.

Q: I had a flat tire on the equipment, so am I responsible for the flat repair or tire replacement?

A:  Yes, as stated in our Terms & Conditions, damage to tires or tracks during the rental is the renting party's responsibility.  You may also place a service call to one of our branches and our third party tire repair service may be dispatched to make repairs, if possible, on location.


Q:  Do you service equipment not owned by Gold Coast Hi-Lift?

A. Yes.  We service equipment such as scissor lifts, boom lifts, and telescopic forklifts from brands like JLG, Genie, and SkyJack.  Additionally, we service general equipment from brands like MultiQuip and Wacker Neuson.

Q:  How much do you charge for service?

A:  We charge an hourly rate for service.  Also, we have flat rates charges for annual inspection and other specialty type work.